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Little Nuggets

These little nuggets are my precious niece and nephews. They make my heart pitter patter. Always special to photograph your family. 

In other news, this concludes my backlit field series. Haha! At least for a while. 



It might be the best thing in the world to have boys this close in age. I mean, look at how much fun they are having. It makes me smile. 

It's also pretty awesome how much love mom and dad have for their kiddos and for each other. You can see it in every picture. That makes me smile too!



The Americans

When I see these two kiddos I can't help but think just how all-American they look! Is that a weird comment? I can't help it. I mean, she is SO the blond-haired version of the Molly American Girl doll. And him... Oh my goodness he is so precious in his polo vest. And his little rough and tumble personality makes him such a boy's boy! 

We had fun out in the woods during this session. Brother and sister had fun exploring together and I had fun capturing their sweet sibling moments. 



Almost all of these photos are backlit--the sun was just glowing. And momma-to-be was too! See what I did there with the title? So clever, I know. ;) In all seriousness, this mom is gorgeous. What I would give to look that great pregnant! She has her hands full now with two little boys. Catching up on my blog right now so I can share some shots from little brothers newborn session! Two boys under 2! 



Oh my goodness. So much awesomeness among these three little guys. They make me laugh the entire session every single time. So SO good. So fun. So stinkin' adorable. I could photograph them all day long!