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Uptown Girl

Couldn't help myself with the title--she is just so stylish! Plus we are in downtown so there! This is my second time to photograph this fun couple. We had a blast venturing around downtown finding cool spots. It's always fun watching happy couples interact and these two make it easy to capture the love! 


Party of Five

This family reminds me so much of mine growing up so it was really a fun one for me. There's a big gap between me (I'm the oldest) and my siblings--5 years between my little sis and I and 8 between me and my brother! Such an interesting family dynamic to see big sis almost like mini mommy. I can totally relate! She's doing a great job at it. And little sister. Such a ham...loved it! And little brother is just a sweetie pie. A little marshmallow that I wanted to eat right up!! 

This was a combo of two mini sessions--one of the five and than an extended family shoot with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was a whirlwind of a session and we got many, many shots. Here are a few of my favorites of this party of five. 



When I walked outside the morning of this session and noticed how windy it was, I got a little nervous. Wind is kind of the worst weather condition to photograph in. Imagine hair whisps everywhere, hands grabbing at hair or holding skirts down, etc. and you get the idea. But you'd never ever know it from these pictures! Actually, this session was a dream, because mom and dad ignored the weather and just had fun with it! And little girl is such a sweetie pie. She just did everything right without even trying. Love her!! Love what she was wearing too! And the wind blowing up and revealing her pettiskirt and cowboy boots. Oh my goodness. Can't get enough of it. So that's why there are a million pictures! 



I just love the idea of getting photos for the grandparents and with the grandparents for Christmas. We caught some great moments and even managed to sneak mom into a few even though she wasn't planning on it. My favorite has to be little cutie with her grandpa. Melts my heart! 


Heavenly Light

Back in November we loaded up and drove to New Orleans to visit one of my bestest friends in the world and meet her new little man! We've been friends since high school and we're the best kind of friends--months, years can go by without seeing each other, but once we do things are just as they were all those years ago. Love that. 

She recently moved to New Orleans and loves it. I grew up in New Orleans, but not until going back as a photographer have I really truly appreciated just how beautiful this city is. A photographer's dream--old gorgeous trees, beautiful parks, fountains, old buildings--history all around! 

Just absolutely in love with this dreamy light. And her little man and those chubby little feet. And my bestie was pregnant in these pictures. Love that too! 

Also including some pictures of my little E as well. She loved making wishes in all the fountains in New Orleans. Wish we had more fountains in Texas. They're so much fun! And I can't resist posting one of my favorites of her at Audobon Zoo. Such a fun place!