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Love how bright and cheery these photos turned out. This new family of four looked so sharp too-love the gray and red combo! 

Little man had so much fun checking out the castle and tunnels at this McKinney location. And baby girl is just so adorable--just want to pinch those cheeks all day long! 


Sweetie Pie Honey Bunch

Oh my goodness. I am so in love with this precious boy. First of all, look at him, he's so adorable. Second of all, he was a perfect angel. Perfect! It was fuh-reeeezing when we met this morning, which was so sad because the day before was gorgeous and like 70. But this morning was cold. Coldest session I had all year.

BUT look at the pictures. You can't tell it's cold at all. And that's because he was perfect. Love bug is what he is. 



You can't tell in these photos, but there's actually a family of four in these pictures! I just love the sweet moment we caught here. So much love and happiness...and a touch of sassiness there at the end that just makes me smile! 

We ventured out to a new location to take these, and had lots of fun exploring different spots. Always love taking pictures of this fun family. So lucky to call them friends too!


Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails

Confession: I always get a little nervous when I've got a session with all little boys. I guess because I'm a girl mom and think I'm not going to be able to keep up. But every single time I end up having so much fun and the pictures always make me smile extra big!

Love the moments we caught here. Cracking up with mom and dad. Brotherly love. Snuggles with mom. Sweet baby boy moments. Big brown eyes. Digging for worms in muddy waters. It's what little boys are made of! 


Cowboys (and an Angel)

I am So SO tempted to title this post Johnny Football because this little guy had some mad skills with the football, and it would be a nice shout out to my fellow Aggies as well, but I shouldn't...because they aren't Aggies and that would just be wrong, right? But little guy is a total mini Johnny Football. I can't tell you the smile I got on my face when I came across this series of him playing with the football. He rocks. 

And baby girl...she is just a little angel!! Such pretty little features...and those lashes!! She was 3 months here and totally fell asleep like a little newborn, giving us some dreamy little pictures of her. Can't believe so many months have gone by, and I'm about to take her pictures again in a week. Eeek!!