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Kick Off

Now that the whirlwind of holiday card season is far behind me, it might be time to update the blog! This fun family kicked off my busy season, and boy were they fun! There was torrential rain the night before. Like borderline end of the world material. I remember thinking we may have to cancel, but the next morning was clear, just warm and muggy! Can't tell in the pictures, though, and that's all that counts! Everything was SO green it kind of looks like we're in a rainforest, actually! 


Wanted for Sassafrassin'

This cute cowgirl turned two recently. Mom used these pictures as part of the decorations for her cute cowgirl themed birthday party. She blew the last photo in this storyboard up to about poster size and printed the words, "Wanted for Sassafrassin. Reward: $1,000,000" on it. It was pretty stinkin' cute! 

This little munchkin is also my most loyal customer! I've been taking her pictures for over a year and we have two more sessions booked in the next two months! So expect to see lots more pictures of this cutie soon! Next time Mom and Dad and a few several dozen of her extended family members will be in them too! 


Dream Team

This session was a dream! So many different reasons why I titled this post dream team, I'm not sure where to even begin!

Ok, first and foremost, because baby girl is dreamalicious. Yes, I just used that word. But look at her. She's so beautiful! And she slept the entire time. Unless, of course, I wanted her to make perfect eye contact with the camera, smile, and stick out her tongue, then she was happy to oblige. 

Second, this new mom was a dream to work with. Love how she put so much effort into the "look" of the session from her original, super fancy wardrobe choices to the beautiful hats and bloomers she stocked up on for her sweet baby girl.

Third, dad was so chill. He let us do our thing for a while...a long, long while. And he even played us some tunes on the piano. People that can play the piano are cool.  

Fourth, sweet baby girl had her new grandmothers with her that day. They made the best assistants--they held curtains back for me, spotted me as I balanced atop a stool, and were perfect at keeping baby calm and sleepy. They also made excellent models when they joined in on some pictures! 

So, yes, this was the dream team! Looking forward to working with this family again soon! 


Munchkin at the Beach

Thought I would share some photos of my munchkin at the beach. She had a blast! Can you tell?

She was a little hesitant of the water at first but warmed up to it quickly. And then she was wheels off. She was cracking us up with her wild imagination! Between saying hello to the mermaid princesses, yelling at the sharks to go away (that's what she's doing four rows in), and grabbing some sticks for a fishing expedition, we were in stitches. And don't even get me started on her signature pouty face. Where does she get this stuff?! 



I think this new big bro is going to be super close with his new little sister. Just 2 years apart. And he's already oh so sweet with her. Must be because his mommy and daddy are so sweet with him. Loved getting to know this new family of four. And check out little sis down below. She reminds me of a baby Snow White with her dark hair, bright skin and red, red lips!