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Boy Mom

So it's true what they say: boy mom's are so cool! This new mom of three boys blew me away this session! First of all, she looks amazing. Amazing. Second, loved the way she coordinated the outfits. Third, she was so fun with her boys--I mean look at her big smiles amongst the minor chaos! Love it.

On top of mom's coolness, these three boys are all so SO sweet and loving to their new little brother. Just love the moments we were able to capture.

Mom had the cool idea of taking pictures in their new house. They hadn't moved in yet and, at the time, were about to start remodeling. We had lots of open space and beautiful natural light. Big Brothers had a blast showing me their future rooms, racing cars on the wide, open roads floors, and playing in their new backyard. 

This boy mom has her hands full and in the absolute best way possible!


Big Bro Turns One!

Hard to believe that almost a year ago I was taking this little man's newborn photos. Sessions with this guy are always SO tough on me because it's just so darn difficult to take pictures when all you want to do is SQUEEZE him! This mini session turned into a max session--too many pictures to choose from. I just love all of his facial expressions. They crack me up!!

Hope he has a great time at his robot themed birthday party next weekend--the robots in Deep Ellum were perfect!

Oh, I almost forgot! This Little Man is going to be a Big Bro soon, too! Loved getting to spill the Facebook beans on that! Double the cuteness--is that even possible?! 



One of my college roomies and besties invited me to San Antonio to photograph her family. We had so much fun catching up and having girl time (it was my first time away from my baby!). And then she took me to the most beautiful location to photograph her family!

Doesn't matter how much time goes by, I always manage to have the best time with my college roomies (good thing because I'm now related by marriage to 2 of the 4 of them)! It was 5 of us that lived in one house! You are thinking it must've been huge--maybe a sorority house or something, right? No way. It wasn't a sorority house and it was NOT a mansion. We each had our own room (mine was tiny!), but we weren't as lucky in the bathroom department! Didn't matter, though. Those were some of the best times in my life!! 

Anyway, hope you enjoy these pictures. Loved photographing my beautiful friend and her adorable family!! The last photo is to remind me to stop making so many of the yummy recipes I pin and start implementing all the home decor things I'm pinning instead!! Some people really do live in Pinterest land! 



After what has seemed like a long series of boy sessions, it was so much fun to shake things up with this sister session! These two sisters are so sweet and just stunningly beautiful. This session was all about the kiddos, and I can't wait to get to take pictures of the whole family because Mom and Dad are just as photogenic! And can I just tell you how much I love facebook? The mom of these cute kiddos is an elementary school friend of mine that I haven't seen since high school. Was so much fun to get to reconnect!



Good Neighbors

So recently I won the jackpot in the neighbor lottery. In more ways than one. First, they are young and fun and super nice. Second, they hired me to take their pictures so they have good taste (I kid, I kid). And third, they're doing wonders for my portfolio. I mean seriously, this little guy is just the cutest! You've probably seen him already in a couple of spots on the site. Here are some more of my favorites. His smile makes me smile. Every time! Such a ray of sunshine!