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Entries in Dallas baby photographer (5)


Little Nuggets

These little nuggets are my precious niece and nephews. They make my heart pitter patter. Always special to photograph your family. 

In other news, this concludes my backlit field series. Haha! At least for a while. 



I just love the idea of getting photos for the grandparents and with the grandparents for Christmas. We caught some great moments and even managed to sneak mom into a few even though she wasn't planning on it. My favorite has to be little cutie with her grandpa. Melts my heart! 


Good Neighbors

So recently I won the jackpot in the neighbor lottery. In more ways than one. First, they are young and fun and super nice. Second, they hired me to take their pictures so they have good taste (I kid, I kid). And third, they're doing wonders for my portfolio. I mean seriously, this little guy is just the cutest! You've probably seen him already in a couple of spots on the site. Here are some more of my favorites. His smile makes me smile. Every time! Such a ray of sunshine! 




Time Flies

So I met these two parents back in a year that started with a 19 instead of a 20. Originally, I started this post with saying we met 10 years ago...but it's more than that. And that's why I get to say time flies. I've tried to stop saying that so much lately...because I was saying it all the time as I saw my munchkin becoming a little person in front of me....but its just so true.

Lots of things have changed since our college days--see the two beautiful boys below--but some things never do. We always have the best time, even when photographing a 3 year old and 6 month old close to bedtime. These two princes were perfect angels, too. Love photographing this beautiful family.





I just loved taking pictures of this sweet new family of three. The way dad took care of his new baby girl was probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen. These two are naturals. And I just love that I can call them both friends! A and I both went to the same college and the same law school at the same times!! But our paths didn't cross until we were at our first jobs working for the city as prosecutors. Third times a charm, I guess! We quickly became good friends and partners in crime  fighting crime. Here are some of my favorites from the session.  

And since they're moving soon, we decided it would be fun to do some shots for a moving announcement!